Living a Soul Aligned Life

With Jennifer Jayde

Today you will have the opportunity to hear from Jennifer Jayde who has over 20 years of study and experience with personal development, human behavior, spiritual growth, and aligning our human experience with our soul’s desires.  Jennifer is an internationally two time bestselling and multiple award-winning Author, International Speaker, and Leading Worldwide Alignment Coach for those who desire to align their source of income with their sense of purpose.  Jennifer shares from her heart and her own life experiences about:
  • Why it’s important to try and even fail at something you love rather than regret what could have been
  • How to chip away at fear by doubting the voice that doubts you
  • A quick and easy way you can connect to a “soul aligned yes” vs a “soul aligned no”

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About Jennifer Jayde

Jennifer Jayde is an internationally, 2x time bestselling and 2x award winning Author, International Speaker and Worldwide Soul Aligned Success Coach for Aspiring and Existing Female Entrepreneurs who desire to Inspire. Born and raised in Canada into humble beginnings with no hand outs, head starts, or extraordinary talents, she has now been featured in notable Magazines, interviews and podcasts internationally, appeared on television in both Canada and the USA, and spoken in front of many captivated audiences - with her message that everyone can (and is meant to) live a Soul Aligned life - full-time. She’s also the host of the popular spiritual growth podcast - the Soul Adventurer, which has ranked top 20 on Apple Podcasts in Canada. Her most recent best selling book, the Awakening - A Guide to Spiritually Awaken Your Highest Self, Intuitive Connection, and Deepest Purpose -  is available worldwide on Amazon now. She now resides with her hubby and fur baby in sunny San Diego California.


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