Creating a Vision

With Karla Smith

Today we are speaking with Karla Smith who is an expert at helping her clients untangle from their self-doubt and feelings of fear so that they can begin to see how capable they are of handling any changes they face or are ready to make.   In our conversation today, Karla shares about:
  • How to create a vision for our lives and a powerful exercise to use create that vision
  • The opportunities to learn from change and how we are incredible problem solvers
  • The importance of self-love and how we can bring more of it into our lives including an easy practice to get started.

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7 Steps To Living A Life Of Your Own Creation This guide teaches people how to use these 7 powerful and effective tools, so they can shift their vision of their life into their reality.

About Karla Smith

Karla Smith is a Personal Transformational Coach, Speaker, Writer/Blogger, and Optimism Expert dedicated to guiding people to courageously choose to live a life of their own creation. She believes that we all have great vision for our lives but often we are in our own way. Her mission is to help as many people create a new approach to embracing change, so they feel capable and equipped to face life with confidence, optimism, and joy.


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