Growing Your Confidence

With Veronica Matthews

Today we are talking with Veronica L. Matthews. Veronica knows firsthand what it takes to be a courageous, compassionate, and confident leader.  She is eager to support and empower others and you’ll hear that come across today as we talk about:

  • How to start a Confidence Journal and the 3 things to include in it

  • Giving yourself permission to create the life you desire

  • Feeling all the feels and still taking action

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About Veronica Matthews

Veronica L. Matthews is a certified Life & Leadership Coach, Human Resources Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Author.  She is a native of Prince George’s County, MD, and a proud Bison of Howard University earning her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with honors.  Veronica coaches struggling managers to transform into effective champions of employee engagement and leaders of impact and influence.  Since she knows, firsthand, the work it takes to be a courageous, compassionate, and confident leader, she stands ready to challenge, support and hold her clients accountable on their own journey towards leading authentically and powerfully.  As a Life Coach, Veronica is purposed to restore the confidence of women who have experienced trauma, so they can thrive, not just survive.  Her clients build their confidence, overcome their limiting beliefs and create lives they love, through her coaching.  They also draw strength from the vulnerable account of Veronica’s story entitled “Overcoming the Battle of My Inner Critic” in the anthology, Qualified to Reign, Memoirs of a Resilient Queen.  Additionally, Veronica provides corporate training, coaching, and HR Consulting services to start-up and small businesses that want to grow and sustain their organizations through their most valuable resource, their people.  In her spare time, you can find Veronica reading, cooking, traveling, learning, dancing, or spending time with family and friends.


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